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Scott Mohnkern
21 November 2027 @ 12:23 pm
A friend had a good idea. Emergency contact into for Friends here so if they pop open my LJ directly they see it.

Emergency contact info if you ever need itCollapse )
Scott Mohnkern
05 December 2011 @ 09:50 am
A good friend to the pagan community has been diagnosed with cancer, and is unfortunately, currently uninsured. I've decided to donate profits of the sale of my books this month to her medical costs. See below for details.

Scott Mohnkern
02 June 2011 @ 10:58 am
Message me for details on who to contact

 Job Title: Linux Administrator

Duration: 4 Month Contract

Location: Bowie, MD

Remarks: US Citizen Applicants, Able to obtain Public Trust Clearance

Job Description:

The LINUX Systems Administrator is a technical consultant with master level skills in the areas of RedHat Linux systems engineering, architecture, deployment, configuration, and management. Will provide dedicated, premium RedHat Linux systems support to Census Decennial Systems. Operations will include 24x7 on-call systems support. Will be expected to interface and work closely with system administrators of Solaris, OpenVMS, Unix, and Linux operating systems, and the end user community to define problems and solutions and make recommendations. Respond to and close out Remedy tickets for Systems being supported. May be required to support on-call access for mission critical systems. Systems support includes but is not limited to:

o Ensuring proactive management and quality assurance
o Plan and implement system changes and adjustments in a way that maximizes system availability
o Processing and resolving decennial customer support service requests
o Working closely with the customers, Business Unit personnel and support staff to quickly resolve issues
o Evaluating and reporting system performance
o Ensuring hardware limits are not exceeded
o Performing system configuration tasks
o Performing documentation tasks
o Assistance in developing test plans, gathering performance data during testing and analysis of results to assist in developing a production architecture for the application.
o Have the necessary skills to perform configuration management, risk analysis and contingency planning and work with designated security staff to assist in performing security reviews and audits.
o Provide support for the blade server hardware and various software tools used within the Census Bureau to continue to migrate servers to Linux and blade servers.
o Provide Support for Linux within a VMware environment.
o Experience with running Redhat Linux on an SAN environment.
o Experience with running Redhat Linux on blade technology.


Technical Consultant with master level skills in the areas of RedHat Linux systems engineering, vmware, architecture, deployment, configuration, and management. Excellent customer relations skills
Scott Mohnkern
19 May 2011 @ 02:33 pm
I have a friend that's looking for a job, she has experience in event/conference planning and also the booking of events (researching, negotiating price, etc.) for sales teams that attend conferences.

Needs to have an office D.C. metro area. (obviously conferences can be anywhere around the globe).

If you have any contacts in the field, or know of any jobs, please ping me with who to get in touch with, etc.
Scott Mohnkern
If you're interested, message me, and I'll get you contact info:

Candidate will be responsible for the support of several distinct environments consisting of servers running Redhat Enterprise 3/4/5 Duties include design, installation, configuration, monitoring, and maintenance of these systems. Strong troubleshooting skills, good security practice, and the ability to carry a project from start to finish are mandatory. Candidate should possess excellent communication skills, be willing to document practices and procedures, work well in a team setting, and be willing to provide off-hours support as needed. Required Skills -7 or more years experience with Linux and/or other Unix based OS -Proficient in one or more scripting language such as perl, bash, bourne, etc -Familiar with the use and configuration of basic internet services such as http (Apache / Tomcat), mail (sendmail, qmail, etc), and DNS (BIND) -Experience with the following: SSH, RAID, Veritas Netbackup (or an equivalent backup solution), iptables and other varieties of firewalls, NFS, and X11 tunneling -Some experience with switches and routers along with the ability to troubleshoot network related issues. -Project/Team Leadership skills Desired Skills -Redhat Satellite Server -Version control techniques and tools -Java -IBM Websphere -IBM IHS -IBM DB2 -SunOne LDAP, iPlanet, and/or OpenLDAP -Familiarity with NAS/SAN technology as well as other high-end storage solutions Education -Bachelor of Science or higher in Computer Science, Computer Operations, or Information Management -Must have “Can Do - Professional Attitude” and Team player -Must have excellent communication skills -Detail oriented -Must be able to think and work independently -Willingness to work non-standard hours when required ONLY US Citizens No Exceptions -Must pass a DOJ Minimal Background Investigation, MBI, Level 5 background investigation. Valid EQIP JPAS transfers acceptable Washington Metro area applicants only please Project Location, NE, Washington, DC (NY AVE METRO)
Scott Mohnkern
Cattle die, kindred die,
Every man is mortal:
But the good name never dies
Of one who has done well,

You have lived well, White Raven, and touched all of us, feast well wherever you have journeyed too.
Scott Mohnkern
24 January 2011 @ 10:25 am
Tenable Network Security is looking for instructors.  

Details Below:

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